I have only recently learned the game of  bocce. It was introduced to me by my longtime college friend William just last summer. I feel like I should talk about it because it has been really fun for the months I have had to spend with it, and it simply does not get the recognition it deserves. For instance, just the other day I was talking to my friend Mathew and I asked if he wanted to play some bocce. Naturally, he asked what it was, never having heard of it.

The game is played on a rectangular play area, usually grounded with grass or some other soft material. Do note that the play area is usually walled off to prevent the balls from escaping. It is nothing like golf, which features a very vast and open area to play the game in.

Anyway, to be brief, the goal is to place as many of your own balls close to the target ball, which is called the poleena. Don’t quote me on the spelling of that word, just know that different people spell it differently depending on what region you are in. You get four of your own balls while your opponent also gets four. You both take turns throwing your ball from the starting position, and at the end you analyze who is closest to the target ball.

My favorite thing about the ball sport is that you can totally mess with your friends’ shots. It isn’t just exclusive to you getting closest to the target ball. You can try to hit your opponent’s shot out of the way, which then results in their ball being further from the target, and your ball possibly being closer. It adds a ton of variety and one of the main reasons I keep playing.

If you have never heard of the game before, I urge you to do some research now. It really is fun to play and is incredibly easy to learn and set up. In fact, you don’t even need the rectangular enclosure that is typically the playing field. You can even play in your own backyard or anywhere there is grass really.


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