There are practically limitless reasons why one would get started with golf. For one, it is impressively easy to get into. People have started teaching their children how to play golf at like the age of 10. To add to that, the game is easily accessible to basically any age. From the mentioned 10 years old, to the retired ages, people of all kinds enjoy the game. Another reason is its complexity. Again, it is very easy to get into but not everyone will end up being that skilled. There are so many factors to the game that even years of playing won’t guarantee you will be any good. Lastly, of all the main reasons (as I’m sure there are plenty of smaller reasons to get into golf), the game is a real social game. People invite others for rounds of golf, so they can socialize while playing a fun sport. It has become almost a formal tradition of sorts, for men to invite each other to play to discuss other things.

The basics

If you are going to get into it, there are a few things you need to learn. I have listed them out in their own sub-headings so you can easily find which ones you need to address. Everyone is in their own stage.


You need a solid location to get started doing anything. If you don’t have a golf course, then you can’t play golf! Easy as that.

Of course, you don’t need to spend hundreds just to join a golf club and potentially not even like it (for those that are completely new to the game). There should be options at those places, however, for complete newcomers. You should definitely ask the club directors there for help, as I am sure they will have some sort of new-player package for you. I remember my golf club had a special for beginners; they allowed us a full day on the course with a complimentary learning session, in the hopes that we would subscribe to the club. Well, it worked. I saw the value in what they were giving to me for free and ended up spending some money to join that club and gain access to that club’s courses.


People often ask me if they need their own equipment. This post is my answer. The reason I listed “Location” first before “Equipment” was because you should check in with the place you are going to play with if they offer playing gear for you or not. There is no sense it purchasing your own gear if you are completely new, and potentially wasting that money, if the club you are already joining has stuff you could use included with its price.

With that said, there are still some things you need to consider. I would definitely come with proper golfing attire. You cannot just show up with a pair of jeans and a button down shirt. You need real gear that will help you find a range of motion that is comfortable.

I would also suggest getting your own golf balls, if anything else. This isn’t to play on the golf course per se, but just for practicing. For a review, check out this one of the Callaway Supersoft golf ball, a ball I highly recommend as it has lasted me years on the course.

A proper swing

This one is probably important, eh? You need to learn how to swing a golf club and actually hit the ball. This can be frustrating for those that are older and are hard at seeing or coordinating, but that is what makes it so fun in my opinion.

Do a little bit of research online on the basics and fundamentals of a proper swing. I have one good video on this, linked here, to get started. Then go to your golf club and ask for help to get you started. After they or you have taught yourself how to swing, all it is is practice from that point on. You don’t need to be at the course every single day, but do make the effort to keep working on your swing, with or without a golf ball.